Tantric Massage West London and Europe

Viryam is a Tantric Bodyworker, Yoga teacher and somatic sexuality coach specialising in the Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Tantra Massage Ritual and intimate bodywork, with a foundation in breath-centered, personally-attuned progressive Yoga practice. 

He is a qualified Registered Nurse and Counsellor who has spent three decades training in physical arts and conscious sexuality with leading teachers on the planet, running the West London Yogashala between 1995 and 2008.  He is currently training as a Midwife and provides a caring and solid intuitive support for individuals and couples.  Yoga is the physical foundation of Tantra and Viryam is passionate that their combination empowers ongoing body connection, emotional intimacy and stress management.


Authentic, systematic methods drawn from extensive experience of ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga and Tantra – combined with loving touch – are used to deliver an experience of your birthright of pleasure, power and wholeness. 

Sessions work to restore the innocence and unconditioned simplicity of the first part of life and combine it with the adult potential of relaxed awareness, energetic focus, and sexual passion.


Sessions and private classes help with self-confidence and body image, inhibitions, inexperience and decreased libido, as well as recovery from surgery and from sexual abuse, and the release of guilt and shame around sexual pleasure. 

For women, Viryam’s work supports physiological (‘natural’) birthing and recovery from birth-related trauma, increasing sensation, becoming orgasmic, multiple orgasm, female ejaculation and womb orgasm.  For men, sessions assist with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate health and a wider, full-body orgasmic experience.


“Viryam creates a ritual of sacred time and space through which we can come face to face with the important issues regarding our lives and sexuality. He has a blend of sensitivity, integrity and highly evolved inter-personal skills. Combined with his huge heart and great sense of humour, I highly recommend him to those yearning to explore the divine connection between sexuality and spirituality.” 

Benjamin J. (Retreat Facilitator)


Yoga and Tantra-based services include:

  • Kashmiri Tantra Massage – delivering a physical, neurological imprint of loving acceptance of one’s entire body as if the receiver is a newborn baby or young child, while activating the Kundalini energy at each Chakra centre
  • Breast Massage and Lymphatic Drainage, Yoni Mapping and Sacred Spot Massage
  • Lingam and Prostate Massage
  • External (Rosebud) and/or Internal Massage to overcome shame, develop ecstatic anal pleasure, and find vibrant health
  • Instruction to develop or fine-tune a personalised Yoga practice (within a single session) and using breath to develop confidence, strength, stamina and enjoyment
  • Coaching in self-directed pleasure and connecting with and giving pleasure to your partner
  • Learn how to communicate your desires and give constructive feedback without fear


“The Shiva-Shakti Massage was a joy to receive!  With the utmost reverence and respect, he honoured my body from top to toe; a delightful experience in surrendering to sheer pleasure, feeling nurtured and awakening to the masculine and feminine energies within me.”

Julia B. (Bodywork Therapist)


Viryam works with individuals and couples of all genders, orientation, ‘ability’ and amount of prior experience.  He is based in Hillingdon near Heathrow in West London and can both travel to you (by arrangement) and offer sessions via Skype.


Call Viryam on 07506 013 743 to find out more and book a free initial half-hour consultation: 

viryam@gmail.com   www.yogadhara.org