Amelia Tantra London


”Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all longing to experience true, deep intimacy and connection firstly with ourselves and then with others. It is the most sought after experience on earth.”



I am honoured to welcome women and men into a safe, professional and non-judgemental space where you will be supported to heal the past, explore the magic of your sexuality and expand into the fullness of yourself.


We are born as vibrant and orgasmic beings with life force energy buzzing through our body, yet over time this energy is suppressed under shame, fear, guilt and judgement which can manifest as sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration in other areas of life.


I combine sacred tantric bodywork, energy healing, movement, visualisation and meditation with powerful intuition to make your experience transformational, nurturing and profoundly healing.



Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • I can’t relax because I am always in my head.
  • I have an unhealthy relationship to sex and it is causing me distress
  • I experience pain/ numbness during sex
  • I am struggling to connect to my partner.
  • I find it hard to give and receive love and end up feeling resentful
  • I find it difficult to express my emotions in a healthy manner
  • I am ashamed of my body and dread the thought of being touched
  • My insecurity and self- judgement is getting in the way of me experiencing pleasure.
  • I avoid intimacy for fear of getting it wrong
  • I have watched so much porn that I struggle to be turned on in real life
  • I can’t relax with my partner and fear being intimate
  • I have been deeply betrayed and don’t know how to trust again
  • I would love a truly fulfilling relationship but I don’t know-how
  • I have never been intimate with anyone but I am longing to but I don’t know where to start



By experiencing tantra therapy you can look forward to


  • Being in a safe space where you can be completely you, without any expectations or limitations
  • Exploring the unlimited pleasure of the body without reaching for a goal
  • Healing sexual dysfunction
  • Learning effective tools and techniques to develop an intimate relationship with yourself and others
  • Being liberated of shame, judgement, guilt and fear around your sexuality, pleasure and intimacy
  • Feeling safe, grounded and confident in your body
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of Tantra and how it can transform your life
  • A deeper connection to your own pleasure
  • Understanding your physical, mental and spiritual energetic blocks and learn how to identify and release them through breath, movement and sound.
  • Experiencing a blissful state of peace and relaxation
  • Being able to confidently communicate your needs and desires
  • A deeper spiritual connection to source energy
  • Learning to control sexual urges and transmute this energy throughout the body for healing
  • Being aware of and confident in stating your boundaries and your ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’
  • Having a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your body rather than taking compulsive action
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the balanced masculine and feminine energies and how they can enhance your life


tantric massage


When sexual energy/ life force/ creative energy is consciously awakened it acts like a magical fire, burning away old patterns, conditioning and beliefs to reveal the magnificence of you. 


I am a dedicated healing arts practitioner and have been following a spiritual path for over 15 years. I trained intensively with Lin Holmquist, who is a world recognised tantra therapist and educator.  I am fascinated by the healing capacity of the body and when combined with movement, breath and sound, miracles can happen!


I work with clients in Central London however I am lucky enough to travel all over the world sharing this profound work. Prior to working as a tantra therapist I spent many years working in the luxury concierge industry with high profile clients so I understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality. Visit my linkedin profile here


The tantra therapy I offer is safe and professional and I am fully clothed.


If you are interested or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to email me at You can also see my website here




”The amazing session gave me a space to be me, a space to surrender and a space to be held. Your soft and motherly energy created a space of emotional safety where I could put away the armour and protection and be welcomed with all of my shadows.
You created a space of beauty, of love and presence and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you so so much.” Patrick

“Amelia is the person who will hold you in your darkness, and laugh with you until tears run down your cheeks” Emma

”If you want a safe experience, then Amelia is the person to see. Motherly nature is something all men crave, and absurd as it sounds, it is not something that everyone will experience in their lifetime. I invite you to trust, open and receive. Thank you Amelia for this unique opportunity to receive.” Chris

“I was a little nervous to begin with but I can honestly say that that was the most powerful experience I have ever had.” Siobhan