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Although I have been blessed in receiving a spiritual name through the Kundalini Yoga lineage, I go by my birth name, Amanda. I am told it means ‘loving, lovable, worthy of love’ and variants thereof. It seems fitting as my intention in all that I do is to be guided by the passionate fire of the heart, not the fluffy pink unsubstantial variant, but the red raw blasted-wide-open-by-existential-pain-and-pleasure,real and naked heart.


The experiences I offer are given from the fullness of this hard-earned place and will kiss awake all of your sleeping powers, and offer nurturing care to your tender wounds. I understand, see and hear the human yearning to experience receiving the vibration of love in its pure and unattached form. I am the yearning and the invitation, the receptive vessel; and I am the pourer and provider of the healing unguents named pleasure, loving kindness and care.


I am not a Tantrika, Shaman nor a Yogini… I am not an expert in any discipline other than in the experiential field of being a human and a vulnerable yet courageous explorer of life. I do not sit before you purely as your teacher or healer, but as your humble student too, and more so as a willing companion on this fulfilling adventure into your body, heart and soul.


Bring to me your war-weary body and aching soul, your messiness, your anger and frustrations, your grief and fears. Bring to me your celebrations, your joyous triumphs, your delight and pleasure in being alive. Bring your confusion, your points of closure, restriction, your questions and curiosity.


Above all bring your willingness to be an experiential explorer with readiness to delve into your own mysteries, to discover your own treasures, uncover your own knowing. We will make mistakes together, laugh and cry, lose ourselves for a while maybe, we will certainly be joined in a rich journey of transformation, and ultimately we will return satiated, radiant, glowing with the simple yet most potent power of all… a Peaceful Contentedness in our ‘Enough-ness’.


Come… Let us each find the willingness to open to one another in the energies of Trust and Consciousness.

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amandalovelyons@gmail.com (best method)



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Words from those who know…


“[The session] …was enormously powerful and I could feel it enclose my body completely in a form-fitting cocoon of fire and electricity. Over the legs and arms, it felt like fire. Over the chest and abdomen, it was a 50/50 blend of fire and electricity – that’s the closest description I have for how it felt. But over my head, I could feel streamers of pure energy stream from every pore. Last but not least, a sensation of pulsing throbbing energy over  – not in – my forehead just above and between the eyes.


I’ve been massaged before both with and without oils – not tantric – so I know I’m not confusing it with the bodily sensations that a massage would generate. I admire your extraordinary ability in assisting me to reach that level, Amanda. Thank you. It was a ‘red pill’ moment for me!”  B. L. Marsden (Man)


“Starting with our meditation – this certainly was grounding and helped with clearing the mind body and soul of the rat race contaminants of the world we live in.   Towards the end of the meditation I was experiencing such an energy build-up that I thought I was heading for the Big Draw, electricity was travelling up and down my body and I think you noticed I was a little unsteady on my feet!

 Moving into the main body of the session as we slowly but mindfully ramped up our energies and connection, I cannot imagine two human beings enjoying each other’s bodies, minds and souls more pleasurably, the connection was intense, it was erotic, it was so so sexy, it was  hedonistic, it was very holistic and of course very horny…………….I could go on and on and on………..lol!!

 Amanda. I feel I had such a beautiful and loving experience with you yesterday, your intuition was spot on cue…  Anyway sometimes the sign of a good time is when the time goes by so quickly that you yearn for more, but what you had was just the best and that is how I feel about yesterday.” A. P.  Marsden (Man)


I have never been touched that way before, there was great tenderness, patience and palpable love. Relaxation swept over me and I surrendered into a deeply pleasurable state of bliss. Now I know I am capable of opening and receiving sensual touch I am determined to keep on recreating the experience knowing it will get better and better every time.” T.M Gloucestershire (Woman)


“Amanda is a Master of energy healing – she tunes into you and knows exactly what you need to bring you back into balance and to be yourself once again. She is a true professional and you feel very safe with her because of the sacred space she so effortlessly creates. I feel brilliant after my session and full of energy. I also have been given breathing exercises to help maintain my equilibrium. So if you want help in getting back on track in your life and feel integrated with oneself and the world then you have to see Amanda” M.D Gloucestershire (Man)


“Last weekend I attended a women’s workshop led by Amanda Lyons and was very impressed by my first experience of working with Amanda. In fact the whole day far exceeded my expectations. I tend to be quite choosy about workshops having both attended and run many over the years. I find it is crucial to feel safe and accepted in order to grow from the experience. I found Amanda to be a sensitive and skillful facilitator and I came away feeling nourished and enlivened. I am inspired to attend future events run by Amanda and only hope the new dates will fit my schedule. Such work is greatly needed for women, particularly in the supportive way that I have witnessed this weekend.” R.W Manchester (Woman)