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Adelina offers tantra internationally, independently and with various tantra schools, privately and in groups. Her passion is to offer people an opportunity to realise their true nature, by bringing awareness into the practice of tantra… and ultimately to all aspects of the human existence. She creates an atmosphere of trust, relaxation and playfulness in her workshops.


Tantra acted as a wake-up call for Adelina, leading her to a path of self-discovery, in which tantra and teachers of truth from different traditions had a major influence.


ABOUT ADELINA’S PRIVATE TANTRA WORKSHOPS:Adelina Tantra massage therapist London


“Adelina’s sessions are the sort of opportunities that one looks for in life!   An opportunity to experience total relaxation and coming home to who you really are. Relax and energise with the tantric breathing, delight the senses with the touch and realise that nothing is missing in your life!”


Whether you come alone or with a partner, the main focus of my tantra work is to give you an opportunity to realise your true nature, the essence of who you are, which is already well and healthy, fully alive, complete and happy! This can lead to major healing and transformation in all areas of your life.  My invitation to you is to be honest with yourself, to be open to seeing your truth, …and to be ready to take this learning into your life! Are you ready?


Private workshops with Adelina offer you an opportunity:

  • To learn tantra practices that will suit your uniqueness, wherever you are in life, at your own pace, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • To receive the full attention of Adelina and to practice tantra directly with her.
  • To just be!!! Notice the joy of being when there are no demands of any type from you, no need to achieve anything, nothing to avoid either, no need to pretend or make any effort. There are no rights or wrongs, no shoulds or shouldn’ts, nothing to be guilty of & nothing to be proud of, just be and be fully seen with no judgements of any type. Seeing without judging brings light to all the aspects of you, including those that we call “dark” or “negative”, this is the key to transformation!
  • There is nothing I need to impose on you either, it’s just a relaxation with what is, it’s an allowing, an accepting of all aspects of our human existence. It’s a coming home, a total relaxation! And in that relaxation, the opportunity raises of noticing who you really are, your true essence, the qualities of your true nature.
  • To receive, to treat yourself, to allow fun and celebration in your life. Be ready to be seen and to see your beauty!
  • To awake and delight the senses and to nurture your whole being! Notice that every cell in the body is orgasmic, that everything in life is an act of love, bringing you to the body: to the present moment, to the concrete, to the here and now, to the magic of the ordinary.
  • To bring you skills that will improve your experience of life and your intimate relating with others!
    Tantra techniques allow for this opportunity to be held in a fun, relaxed way and exciting way!


Adelina’s private workshops are likely to be very different to what you might already know, have heard or experienced from other tantra practices, massages or sessions. So come with no expectations, come ready to meet yourself, your truth, nothing more, nothing less!!!



“You have expanded my horizon by providing huge opportunities to know myself.”

“I hardly can express my gratitude to find the place of ease right in my centre.”

“It was amazing, exciting and surpassing of all preconceived ideas I had.”

“I did not know what I was looking for, but I have found it! This sensitivity to life. This is what I came here for!  I hope everyone might be able to experience this”.




Sessions/Workshops are experiential and are available for a minimum of 4-hours. As they are bespoke to the uniqueness and needs of each individual/couple, it’s difficult to predict their structure, but usually, they include a combination of coaching, tantric breathing, full body tantra massage, tailored rituals or tantra practices, guidance to realise the qualities of your true nature.


Frequent packages are 4-hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 2 days. Other bespoke programs for longer period of times are available on request.


Private tantra holidays can be also organised on request, where a combination of time for tantra practices and for relaxing, sightseeing, sharing meals, etc. on an agreed destination.