Tantric Massage Soho Temple(London)

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Tantric massage Soho

Welcome to our tantra temple in Soho!   Our massage is a deeply fulfilling, energizing and awakening experience, which increases your inner peace, joy of life and openness. In the case of men, it awakens and amplifies masculinity and virility and in the case of women, femininity and sensuality. We provide a safe intimate space… Read more »

Sola (Newcastle)

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tantric massage North East

Tantric Healing Bodyworker   TANTRA IS PRESENCE   Heal, Awaken and Expand into the full, unlimited potential of who you really are by unlocking your connection to your source energy and allowing it to flow.     Do you feel deeply disconnected and unable to fully embody your authentic self but don’t know why?  … Read more »

Tamar (London and St Albans)

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tantra massage in London

Tantric Shamanic Healing I teach the art of discovering and surrendering to the body’s innate erotic wisdom and awakening to our inner divinity. I serve as a Priestess and Initiator on the Tantric path, guiding men, women & couples to back home to the wild innocence of their bodies, back to their true selves.  … Read more »

Barbora (London)

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Tantric massage London

  Welcome 35 years old cosmopolitan woman, from Prague, lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark and now last 4 years in London. My Tantra practise is based in London, Southwark 6 min walk from Elephant and Castle.   Booking on phone only, so please call me or send me sms if you would like to book… Read more »

Thea (London)

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Thea tantric massage therapist London

Tantra Bodywork Offering with Thea I invite you on a sensual and explorative journey into the unique world of Tantra massage… Would you like to open your mind and heart and experience unification between them and your sex?  To discover deeper elements of yourself, feel present and embodied? Maybe you are longing to be touched in… Read more »

Kate (London)

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tantric massage London

Hello there Do you have some issues around intimacy and sexuality that you’d like help with, rather than a purely sensory experience? I’m an experienced tantric healing practitioner, offering a holistic approach based on authentic Tantric-Taoist bodywork and coaching. I support clients with bringing more love, vitality and wellbeing into their lives and relationships, including reconnecting with their sexuality…. Read more »

Carmel (Bali and Spain)

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tantric bodyworker Carmel

Bali and Spain offerings   Online Coaching Sessions ❤️ (15-minute free introductory session )     I invite you to connect deeply within yourself through transformational practises. I will support your journey in a safe container and deeply intimate space we create to allow this process to happen. You will be guided into grounding practises… Read more »

Jeanette (Berlin and London)

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tantric massage Berlin and London

  Jeanette – Tantra Massage – BERLIN | London upon Request Next London dates: Sunday 19th January-Tuesday 21st January www.jeanette-strange.com COME ALONG WITH ME ON THIS MAGICAL RIDE THROUGH THE MYSTERIES OF SACRED SEXUALITY Are you someone who… * has some experience or curiosity about the world of TANTRA, and feels ready to take their… Read more »

Shekina Ray (London,Belgium,Holland)

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Tantric massage London

Shekina Ray is an international energy healer and Tantra teacher working in London, Belgium, and Holland. For the previous 19 years, she has taught multiple modalities of energy healing such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, and Tantra worldwide. She is a licensed nurse by profession, but over time she has become disillusioned with Western medicine’s impersonal… Read more »

Sabriah (Cheshire)

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tantric massage cheshire

  Breathwork is the art and science of teaching breath awareness for enhancing the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition.  Breathwork offers fantastic support therapy to tantra. It can be directed to release any blockages that inhibit our path to pleasure.   Sabriah is a highly qualified Tantric Practitioner specializing in Breathwork, Neurolinguistic programming, Psychology,… Read more »