Jeanette (Berlin and London)

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tantric massage Berlin and London

  Jeanette – Tantra Massage – BERLIN | London upon Request Next London dates: Saturday August 31st until Tuesday September 3rd COME ALONG WITH ME ON THIS MAGICAL RIDE THROUGH THE MYSTERIES OF SACRED SEXUALITY Are you someone who… * has some experience or curiosity about the world of TANTRA, and feels ready to… Read more »

Emily (Devon)

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tantra massage Devon

Emily changed my life. I felt as if a heavyweight was lifted off my shoulders. She helped me gain so much more confidence in myself and put so many self-doubts I had about myself to rest. She taught me so many techniques which I’m looking forward to implementing for the rest of my life and… Read more »

Shekina Ray (London,Belgium,Holland)

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Tantric massage London

Shekina Ray is an international energy healer and Tantra teacher working in London, Belgium, and Holland. For the previous 19 years, she has taught multiple modalities of energy healing such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, and Tantra worldwide. She is a licensed nurse by profession, but over time she has become disillusioned with Western medicine’s impersonal… Read more »

Sabriah (Cheshire)

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tantric massage cheshire

  Breathwork is the art and science of teaching breath awareness for enhancing the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition.  Breathwork offers fantastic support therapy to tantra. It can be directed to release any blockages that inhibit our path to pleasure.   Sabriah is a highly qualified Tantric Practitioner specializing in Breathwork, Neurolinguistic programming, Psychology,… Read more »

Katie Ellen (East London)

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tantric massage Surrey

  A very warm welcome to you! I’m delighted that you have found my profile. I offer appointments in East London and aim to give you an experience where you can relax, experience pleasure and feel cared for and joyful. With my sessions, my intention is to provide somewhere for you to delve deeper into… Read more »

Gayatri (North Somerset and London)

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tantra massage London

Gayatri: Awaken Your Erotic Nature Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality professional devoted to bringing 21st-century consciousness to ancient wisdom and practices. Since 2012 she has been offering safe and sacred spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening. In addition to her private work, she is the… Read more »


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tantric massage Hampstead 07885530598   Withheld numbers will not be answered. ALSO PLEASE NOTE:   These treatments do not provide ‘happy endings’ or massage in the nude. I only work with clients that are looking to deepen their connection to spirit. Please visit my website to understand where I am coming from with my work. ………………………………………………………………………….. I want… Read more »

Tatiana (North Yorkshire & London)

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tantra massage North Yorkshire / 07778340823 Note   Please note that the therapy I offer is not a form of sexual service, nor is it focused on the genital organs; instead, it is a healing modality designed to treat the whole being and is not the same as some of the Tantric themed massaged offered which focus… Read more »

Safire (Gloucestershire)

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Safire tantric massage Gloucestershire

The Sacred Fire   I invite you on a powerful sacred tantra journey where you can consciously develop the skills for activating the divine masculine and feminine within you and apply it in your every day.   I was brought up with ancient esoteric tantric rituals to the divine and my life’s work and practices… Read more »

Rachael (London)

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tantra massage west London

Rachael is passionate about exploring ways in which to keep the mind, body and spirit in healthy balance and to expand further the capacity for joy and pleasure that we hold within. She embraces the path of love and the power of conscious touch and connection to heal, awaken and transform.   Practising holistic massage… Read more »