Safire (Gloucestershire)

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Safire tantric massage Gloucestershire

The Sacred Fire   I invite you on a sacred and sensual healing exploration through the Indian Tantra system for honouring the divine masculine and feminine.   I was brought up with ancient esoteric tantric rituals to the divine and my life’s work and practices entwine the essence of Tantra – where love, sex, money… Read more »

Rachael (London)

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tantric massage London

Rachael is passionate about exploring ways in which to keep the mind, body and spirit in healthy balance and to expand further the capacity for joy and pleasure that we hold within. She embraces the path of love and the power of conscious touch and connection to heal, awaken and transform.   Practising holistic massage… Read more »

Nico (London)

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tantra massage london

Welcome to pleasure: May it ever unfurl.   In a world of dominance and consumerism, our human sovereignty and autonomy are under constant assault. Our wildness, erotic intelligence and unique expression have been domesticated, true pleasure substituted for empty promises of a future happiness afar. If we want to reclaim our sexuality, our full, wild… Read more »

Alvaro Mitradeva Prem (East Kent)

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Alvaro tantra massage Kent

( East Kent – Canterbury )   Tantric Vibrational Therapist, enabled in all modalities of the Deva Nishok Method of Tantric Therapy, in a complete system of treatment leading to the perception of the Bioelectricity of the body to expand the sensitivity and development of the orgasm, allowing healing in the body, mind and emotions… Read more »


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tantric massage Newcastle

  I can help you discover your true self, which for me is what Tantra is really about. Authenticity is enlightenment and most of us are unfortunately a product of our caregivers and society. The further we are away from our true selves the more unhappy and ill we become. I go on the journey… Read more »

Spela (London)

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Tantric massage London

Are you seeking spiritual healing by means of sensual discovery? I’ve been studying and exploring sexual energy cultivation and sexual alchemy for 20 years which included several years living in China. As a Sinologist I used my extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and language to gain expertise in the area of Sexuality relating to Chinese… Read more »

Maya (Bath)

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Tantric massage Bath

Do you struggle to unwind? Take a break from the relentless pressure of everyday life by treating yourself to a delicious, healing journey into tantric bliss. Surrender to Maya’s calming feminine presence in order to recover the sense of who you really are. Reconnect with yourself, harmonising spirit and sexuality within a safe and honouring… Read more »

Jade Lotus (London)

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Jade Tantric massage London

My sessions are a genuine tantric journey which will take you on a profound journey of healing and exploration into the deepest realms of your reality. I combine Tantric and Taoist bodywork and energetic techniques to release blockages and traumas from deep within your body and allow you to experience the energy that your birth… Read more »

Selwyn (London,Brighton,Bristol)

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Male tantric massuer

Why Tantra?   We live in a busy world. Increasingly we are living on the edge, working more hours, eating on the run and sleeping less. Imagine if we stopped. Just for a couple of hours a week. Stopped. Taking time to replenish our energy and tune into our subtle flow. Taking the pressure off…. Read more »

Nick (London)

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Nick Tantric massage London

I am an experienced Tantra Practitioner and Coach. I have been a bodyworker for around 20 years, having initially trained in Lomi Lomi massage, and have practised Tantric massage for around 10 years. I work with all genders.   My tantra training has been over a number of years and I have worked with many… Read more »