Tantra teacher Bristol

The true spirit of my work is to give people who sense that “there must be something more”, healing experiences of peace,timelessness & ecstacy that come from reconnecting the energies of sex,love & Spirit.”
Suta has over 20 years experience in the healing arts and gives delicious individual sessions of massage and bodywork, Tantric massage, energy and sound healing and Tantric coaching; as a one-off or series of sessions that can offer a deep transformation. He teaches tantra internationally, both with his own company ChooseBlissNow, and with world renowned enlightened Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Sarita, with whom he is a co-creator of the Sex to Superconsciousness Training and is a Senior Teacher in Tantra-Essence.
He is known for his friendly and down-to-earth approach, as well as being highly knowledgeable about Tantra, sacred sexuality, energy, the body and increasing the human capacity for love, life and ecstasy.


Through his compassion and sensitivity people feel seen and recognised, both in their struggles and in their magnificent potential. He helps people live lives of greater wellbeing and more fulfilling intimacy. He says “It is such a joy to inspire people to discover and explore new dimensions of sensuality and guide them in creating the love-life of their dreams.”