Tantra Teachers


We are a couple in our 60’s who feel privileged to have learned many wonderful and useful concepts that help us maintain and nourishBob & Pri our marriage. A foundational element for us is to view our connection as special, even “sacred”. This important concept originates in Tantra, an ancient Eastern philosophy that integrates and balances the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of relationship.

As well as facilitating our own Intimacy Works workshops over the last 14 years, we have led events for private organizations, including Alternatives in London, the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the Californian based Human Awareness Institute (HAI).


In a few words, I’d say I’m an experiential junkie!! In other words, I’m a feel it, touch it and live it person. I believe, as humans, we intuitively know what we truly need to nurture our hearts, bodies and spirit.

I am so often deeply moved when I work with couples on their relationship journey, whether in my private practice or in workshops. Peoples’ vulnerability and strength is inspiring. I feel the contribution travels in both directions: a giving and receiving, just like relationship.

I am a qualified holistic, body-orientated psychotherapist,hold a Diploma in Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy and am trained in the art of tantra. I have a private practice in North London, specialising in relationship, intimacy and sexuality issues.


Since being with Priya, I’ve learned and grown in ways and areas I never could have imagined.  Our marriage is mostly good-to-delightful, frequently GREAT!  I love helping others have relationships as positive, intimate and nurturing as we aspire to be in ours.

Before concentrating full -time on creating and leading workshops with Priya, I worked in co-ordinating ‘production communications’ for live events such as Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, US presidential inaugurations and the Oscar awards. I joined the Human Awareness Institute in 1990 and became an advanced assistant for participants in over 150 workshops. I have trained in contemporary psychotherapy and NLP. My practical ‘hands-on’ approach to the deep and often sensitive aspects of personal relationships makes me a complementary facilitator with Priya.


Simply put: We help people nurture and deepen their relationships.

To expand: we’ve taken the “relationship wisdom” we’ve gathered through our own couple journey, and formed an encounter-based approach that helps couples maintain vibrant, intimate and connected partnerships.

We are sure that people need to “experience” something to fully “get it” and have it become part of who they are, in order to make change. This is the basis for our LEARN IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT philosophy

We believe that people who put their trust in us deserve our utmost consideration. Both in our work and our lives, we follow the principles of treating people with dignity, respect, compassion, honesty and love. We gently guide them on their journey, fully supporting their personal choices, while learning and growing at their own pace.

We create a safe, intimate and personal laboratory in which people, at any age and stage of relationship,can experience and learn different ways of connecting to each other, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Being a couple ourselves enables us to truly understand the issues that couples are challenged by.


We’ve come to believe, through our years of experience, that most couples’ difficulties and problems share a core aspect. This is: Loss of connection or DISCONNECTION in the relationship.

DISCONNECTION and not knowing how to reconnect, is at the heart of problems for couples. To become CLOSER and CONNECTED, you first need a desire and commitment to create change, so that certain vital elements, which have perhaps become weak, can now develop fully. These are: CONNECTION  COMMUNICATION  INTIMACY  TRUST

These nurture your relationship, bringing healing, aliveness, closeness and love. We help you achieve this through a journey of:


LIVING IT: you bringing these encounters into your life

LOVING IT  (the easy one!) when it’s going so well and flows, with wonderful results!

We offer free e-books, experiential exercises, couples share and support events, taster evenings, themed one day workshops and residential weekends for couples and individuals that address the issues they are grappling with.


www.relationshipsupport.net  for Priya’s private practice