Tantra teacher Brighton

My Life has been my learning.  I believe there is no greater wisdom or compassion than experience. No greater teacher, if we are willing to be silent and listen.

No intellect can guide us where it has not been.  Or offer us a taste of something not fully known for self.

Life has taught me well with its tapestry of colours…

And so this is the root of my sharing.  A truth spoken and shared from heart and “knowing.”  I strongly believe that I can only ever offer a doorway of which I myself have had the courage to walk through.

I am a Tantrika that specialises in Sexual Trauma and Intimacy. I empower those with poor body image or body relationship to embrace the inner riches of body love. 

 I work with couples and singles exploring Tantra as a lifestyle, not simply a bedroom technique.  I also offer Certificated Tantric Massage Courses that are held as a one to one training, to ensure the unique fragrance of each Tantrika is empowered to express …  rather than creating carbon copy massage therapists or getting stuck in structure. 

I am qualified by various bits of paper.   But above all, the honest and humble tale of my way home to the sacredness of who I am, in body, love and sex.


Websites: MichelleRoberton.comSacredTantricTouch.com


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