Tantra teacher in Kent

BACKGROUND:.  Lorraine Crookes is a Tantric Massage Practitioner, Energy Healer and Educator.  Working with multiple modalities Lorraine combines her skills, knowledge and experience to support the physical and energetic body.

She has lived a remarkable double life with a professional career in education and a secret life in Swinging, BDSM and Kink. Her life was one of passion and pride, fear and shame.  Lorraine left her professional career after 20 years to explore  massage, energy, sexuality and who she was.


Lorraine subsequently qualified in many types of massage including Sport, Holistic, Indian Head and Hot Stones. She has studied and trained in Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Massage, is a Reiki and Rahanni practitioner and a mindfulness coach and tutor.  Lorraine is also one of the first 30 accredited Energy Alignment Mentors in the world. Along side this she also has a diploma in sexual addiction and studied kink and sexuality.

Lorraine is a trainer and qualified teacher and offers workshops in the energy alignment method, mindfulness and scared sexuality and tantric massage.

As an educator Lorraine has spoken about her journey with sexuality, her work, tantra and given voice to the taboo. She has spoken on stage, radio and other media platforms and hosts events supporting gender and sexual diversity.

Tantra in Kent


MINDFULNESS SURRENDER: A one day workshop exploring mindfulness, sexuality and tantra. Be present in each moment with no expectation, no judgment and complete awareness.  Explore you with a range of fun, playful and experimental activities all created to be present, connected and in flow. See website for details – www.shelki.com

SACRED SEXUALITY & TANTRIC MASSAGE: Weekend workshops for couples. A journey of exploration and expansion. Over two weekends there is an invitation to explore an array of yummy delights that will support you both in exploring sacred sexuality and tantric massage. There are opportunities to share in the most beautiful and connecting rituals, breath work, meditations, massages and much more.  These workshops celebrate the energy and divinity of both the masculine and the feminine. We will explore and awaken the senses and connect sex and spirit to heart and soul.

The workshops are designed for couples and open to participants of any gender or sexual orientation. Same sex couples are welcome. See website for details – www.shelki.com

ENERGY ALIGNMENT METHOD WORKSHOP: A one-day workshop to learn the 5 steps of EAM. An amazing self-help technique that can help you to change your life and discover what is holding you back. Let go of stress, anxiety, physical pain, memories and trauma and get life more in flow to live the life you want. See website for details – www.shelki.com

CURIOUS KINK AND SENSORY SURRENDER: One-day workshop exploring the senses in a fun, sexy, curious and experimental way. Taking the mind, body on soul on a journey of yumminess and discovery. See website for details – www.shelki.com

VENUE: Lorraine has a beautiful, purpose built, relaxing cabin set in private grounds and decorated specially around her Tantric Massage and energy work.

Off road private and discrete parking.

INVESTMENT: See website www.shelki.com for full details, dates and investment or contact shelkimassage@gmail.com.