Kimaya Tantra Teacher

Are You Interested In Exploring The Profound Depths Of Sexuality?

I am a modern day Dakini, answering the call to bring Heaven on earth. The pure meaning of Tantra is to awaken. It’s not just about a limited sexual expression or learning techniques. Tantric activism is the future of Tantra, for the digital age we live in. Where are the temples now? WE are the temples. It’s not good enough for Tantra to be an isolated subject that we learn about at the weekends, but a living Tantra that can become a blueprint for how we approach life. The key to this blueprint is an emphasis on non-duality as a way of living/being, anchored in the heart of a deep spiritual knowing/becoming.

Previously a corporate trainer in the City, a Transpersonal psychotherapist for 15 years and a graduate of Shakti Malan’s Totality Therapy training: a training developed as a contemporary and streamlined interpretation of Tantra, the art of embodying our eternal essence in everyday life, and also in our sexuality. Totality Therapy uses the method of total immersion in direct experience whilst evoking a strong witness presence within. Through experiencing primary polarities such as fear and desire, good and bad, masculine and feminine with intentional depth and thoroughness, we get to break through the polarized gridlocks of our existing ego structure.

The different strands of my work will open and invite you to a radical intimacy, in the here and now, either in individual session work,, or via my Bespoke Tantra trainings My Tantric Boutique Salons are unique, offering a highly individualised transformation and learning process, in a triad, with individual coaching from me before, during and after the day long processes.

Erotic Awakening Process, Tantric Salon.
Sexuality is your birthright and the very foundation of life! This training is life changing.

How your anger can deepen your capacity for intimacy

Supervision For Practitioners
I offer one to one supervision for therapists, psychosexual bodyworkers and Tantra practitioners. How do I work? With the interpersonal field, relationship dynamics (Family Systems Theory) and with many therapeutic models, including psychodynamic theories, Jungian psychology, the victim triangle, all moving towards being deeply embodied into a place of essence. My main aim, to awaken individuals beyond their current limitations, this includes their sexuality. See the collective name for a strand of my work, bringing somatic mindfulness to trauma resolution.
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