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Jennifer James : Tantra Teacher, Sexologist and Life Coach.

A little introduction to myself, I have been on a path since 2006 and studied with many of the well-known Tantra Schools. Some of the more recognizable ones known on the mainstream are..

The School of Awakening

Skydancing Tantra

Diamond Light Tantra

The path of transformation

I was formally trained in Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, Chakra Healing, Sexology, NLP, Life Coaching and qualified in Counseling and Psychology Walthamstow College.


I also offer counseling sessions for women and couples.

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Tantric Massage Practitioner Training.


I offer Certified ‘International Institute of Tantra’ (IIOT) Tantric Massage Practitioner Training.

The training is in 3 bite-size levels, a program you will learn and then be able to market to your clients.

You will get a 259 page manual for home study, along with 3 days of hands-on intensive training.

For full course content please see www.tantracourselondon.com

On completion of the course you will be certified in Levels 1,2,3 there is also an optional level 4 the business module. The business module covers websites, accounting, SEO, advertising, Telephones and all you need to know to run your own business.

This program is focused on the spiritual and sacred elements of Tantra and can be used in any salon or spa, yoga instructors, nurses, anyone can learn and benefit from this program.


Personalized Tantra Training for women and couples in Milton Keynes.

I offer one2one training for women who wish to re-ignite their sexuality, healing broken hearts, yoni healing, life path goals, trauma, rediscovering themselves, empowerment and learning to flow through on-going life issues.


I offer couples coaching to create deeper levels of connection and intimacy.

You will be guided through a program enveloping all the spiritual and sensual elements of falling in love again with divine connections. These levels will have waves of effect through your whole life and those around you.


This program is not only beneficial to new lovers but for couples that have been together for many years and perhaps have children.

Each program will be tailored to your exact situation and needs.


In general, couples that can resolve issues in non-toxic methods and have beautiful spiritual and sensual connections tend to create happy loving environments for their children to grow up in.


Our children learn how to love and be loved by their parents; the example they set is what the children have to learn from.


Learn to resolve conflicts, deal with stress and re-discover your intimate connections.

Help make your home a happy, loving and safe environment for your family.