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Tantra Teacher

About Jan Day

Relationship expert and coach, Jan Day brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work. To her coaching clients. To her workshops on intimacy, sexuality and healing the inner you. To her one-day dating workshop where she enables participants to gently explore what they would like in their love relationships.

Central themes of Jan’s work are self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Having trained for 15 years with Art of Being founder, Alan Lowen in Europe and Hawaii, as well as being a CTA certified coach, Jan has spent the last 10 years helping men and women learn to trust their own unique journeys and embrace their own wounds as well as their potential.

Jan bring great joy to this endeavour of what it is to be human – all our vulnerabilities as well as our fun-loving traits – and encourages us to be everything, yes, everything that we are as human beings. She knows exactly how important it is, to be seen for everything that we are.

At the core of her work is her past experience. “I have been divorced and married,” she says. “I have known the darkness of depression, the despair of great loss and the joy of finding my way home again. Above all, I believe in the basic goodness of life and people. Sexual healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness and the all-embracing life acceptance of tantra have been and continue to be powerful tools in my life.

Jan is happily married and lives with her husband, Frieder, in Kent. She draws again and again upon this rich relationship to nurture and inform others. Both singles and couples. Jan is also unusual as a coach and workshop leader in that her work includes sexuality. Her gift is to enable participants to celebrate themselves as gorgeous sexual human beings.

Types of work

*Personal telephone coaching for singles and couples.
*Workshops on intimacy, sexuality and self-love.
*Meetings Without Masks, a one day, gender-balanced, dating workshop where participants can explore what they would like to have in their love relationships.
Email  jan@janday.com
www.janday.com and www.meetingswithoutmasks.com