Hanna and Joao Tantra teachers


Hanna & João became involved in Tantra after both embarking on a radical journey into self-growth, transformation and expansion.Through this practice, along with movement, breath, energy work and conscious touch, they have found ways to enhance awareness, openness, authenticity and sexuality.

Opening to healing and totality, within themselves and others.

Together, they are partners in life as well as business and chose to take this work out into the world to support others in finding their path and enhancing their lives by letting go of that which doesn’t serve them, embracing all that they are and finding their joy and love for themselves, the other and life.

Between them, they have over 15yrs experience in teaching, events and space holding.

They both live in Portugal and travel between here, the UK and Europe offering workshops and private sessions on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality.

They welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or sexual orientation.

The soul does not care in which form our sexuality takes- it loves who it loves, regardless.

Qualifications and Trainings

18 month Living Tantra Teacher Training with Jan Day (Hanna & João)

Urban Tantra® Professional Training with Barbara Carrellas (Hanna & João)

Sexual Awakening For Women online Training with Shakti Malan (Hanna)


They have both been privileged to work with many wonderful teachers over the years including Xavi Domènech, John Hawkin, Prem Santoshi, Astiko Ji, Leora Lightwoman, Komala, Rebecca Lowrie to name but a few.

More about Hanna

HannaThrough this, she found the amazing and healing effects of movement, integration, breath-work,  sexual energy, music and touch.Having been disconnected from her body for many years, Hanna began her own personal journey into rediscovering herself and what it truly meant to be alive.

She trained in Ecstatic Dance, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra  discovered ways to not only heal but to rediscover and reconnect with herself, others and life itself. Realizing her passions and desire to work with others on enabling them to do the same.

Now, Hanna is a Relationship & Intimacy coach and workshop facilitator with a wealth of life experience and brings her softness, energy & desire to enable you to feel truly alive, in touch with your bodies and connected to life.

Her passion is to support others in living open, authentic, conscious, empowered and heart-centred lives. To loving who they truly are.

She works closely with João but also offers workshops and retreats with other wonderful facilitators, working with breath, energy and movement. She also runs workshops specifically designed for those who identify with being a woman.

She currently lives in Portugal with her partner and travels between here, the UK and Europe and beyond offering workshops and private sessions on Love, Intimacy, Relationships and Sexuality.

More About João

JoaoAfter many years as a university teacher in African Literature, he started a spiritual journey towards personal freedom and happiness and soon realized his passion and callings lay elsewhere.João was born and raised in Portugal and has lived in the UK for 15 years and has recently return to his Mother Country.

After coming across the path of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, he quickly started his Tantra Teacher Training with the School of Being and continued in further training thereafter.

Since then, his passion has been to share his teachings with a holistic approach which helps others to reach their full potential in different aspects of spiritual development.

He uses Tantra to provide people with tools for healing, growth, authenticity, freedom, vitality, pleasure and happiness…always with compassion.

Website: www.lovingyoursensualself.com

Email: info@lovingyoursensualself.com

Tel: +44 7913 057 831 (ENG) +351 91 206 24 36 (PT)