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Dakini Wendy began her Tantric journey with Swami Advait Rahasya in 2001. Together, with the Sangha, opened the Advait Tantra School in South Africa which is a flourishing school with many of the students who are now also practitioners. She was initiated into the lineage of the Dakini which means ‘Sky Dancer’ and is the emptiness of the Luminous Absolute. In her student years Wendy surrendered to the path of Devotion and received transmissions of Compassion and love of the Beloved and Existence. She guides students through experiential experiencing which is known as Direct Experience, to the doorway of Being. Wendy has a strong reflective quality in her connections which has an effect on students of feeling met as they see themselves as they are – here, the realm recognition or realisation is available.


Wendy devoted years developing the touch work aspects of the school, facilitating Yogini training for Tantra Massage practitioners. Methods include traditional Tantra massage, Chakra massage and Masculine/Feminine Balance massage where she incorporates high-intensity Taoist techniques with high sensitivity Tantra techniques. She currently facilitates Yoni egg workshops for women, teaches regular Tai ji classes and also open-ended Tantra Sessions where she is a catalyst to Truth in whichever form it takes to reveal moment-by-moment experiencing.


Skype Tantra Teacher

Skype sessions are available for those who are not able to meet her in person and would like to inquire into any process connected within the human – spiritual experience. Skype sessions comprise guided meditation practices as well as Tantric Inquiry to explore sexuality, polarities, healing, relationship issues, grieving etc.. and is a welcoming place to confide in any dimension you find yourself.


Previous International retreats in India at Arunachala, the Ashram of Ramana Maharishi and also at the Osho Centre in Goa.


For bookings email: wendydakini@gmail.com