Dakini Cat Tantric massage and Tantra Teacher

My motivation in wanting to offer Tantra out into the world is based in my belief that we as human beings are all doing the best we can to be the best version of ourselves in our sometimes challenging and confusing lives. And that we all aspire to be a more true, relaxed, and loving version of ourselves in each moment and often have a hint as to the ways in which that can be achieved. In my own life, I have found that Tantra has helped me the most in this quest and that sexuality to be the most potent place to find the kinks and contractions that inhibit the free and full expression of our true nature.

I’ve always felt a huge draw to the masculine principle. I am in love with He! and always have been. As a child I was fascinated by boys and the innocent chemistry I felt in the play of our energies. Kiss chase was my favourite game. I as I grew, so did a feeling of empathy with the masculine… I’ve seen, been aware of, and experienced all the clumsiness, belligerence, and aggression associated with the unhealthy masculine, but I have been equally aware of and experienced, both in myself and others, the unhealthy feminine that is its natural corollary. I see both the masculine and feminine as being limited and damaged by patriarchy in the last couple of thousand years. I know from my Anthropological studies that it was very different for many thousands of years before that. And I see clearly the desire and the stumbling of us as a species as we move forward to greater equality and deeper mutual honouring, and searching for that higher state of being without losing the strength, clarity and action of the masculine or the flow, nurturance and powerful capacity to love and feel of the feminine. What a dance and development we are on the cusp of creating and moving into. My deep love for the masculine feeds my desire to help him to grow into the fullest version of himself he can be, so that we all; men, women, and children alike, can benefit from having the strong loving holding of He in our own flowering.

My own personal journey has fuelled my immersion in Tantra also. I experienced a stable, loving, and communicative family upbringing where the love between my parents was tangible and alive. Wanting to replicate that model, I then went on to get married and have children. However, when that relationship broke down I was thrust into both deep internal inquiry as to my part in that falling apart, and also a larger enquiry as to the nature and purpose of modern day relationships and what they need to thrive. The learning and growth that I experience along that never ending path goes to inform and inspire the Tantra I offer out into the world.

So for the past 8 years I have been an avid student of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. You can find all the people who have taught and inspired me below. And I will continue to study and to grow as I dive deeper and deeper. I am deeply grateful to everyone I have learnt from along the way and for all the ways in which I have developed as a person, as a woman, and as a mother and lover. I feel so much more free from my own mind fucks than I ever did before, have an ever increasing capacity for compassion and unconditional love, and am deeply in love with my sexual nature as a result of exploring Tantra. I would love to share my learning, wisdom, and passion with you.

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