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Temple Fire Tantra


Tantra is the merging of opposites: of sexuality and spirit, masculine and feminine, light and dark, so we can embrace the whole of who we are.

Tantra in the West is primarily focussed on pleasure, better sex, and better relating. Temple Fire Tantra offers you balance by bringing the spiritual, sacred side of Tantra to the forefront. I offer sessions that embrace the sacred side of tantra that can lead to awakened states, inner radiance, peace and wellbeing on all levels.

We live in a time of monumental change, great awakening and great challenge. We are all having to adapt and change fundamental aspects of how we live and relate to one another. So much change can be scary and can trigger anxiety, fear and latent trauma. It is difficult to know what information is true, what to trust, and who truly has our best interests at heart.

This is when having a deeply embodied connection to the Divine and deep access to our own intuition is crucial, so we know what feels right to us so that we can be our own wise guide and leader.

The sessions I offer can bring you back to a state of calm, peace and true knowing. These gifts are our true nature often hidden underneath layers of conditioning, patterns, learned behaviours, limiting beliefs and other blocks. Together we peel off these constricting layers one by one to free up your true nature as empowered, divine and in harmonious flow. The Divine Feminine energy is so powerful now it can affect radical changes in your life if you are ready for transformation.

Ascension and enlightenment are possible at this time of Great Awakening by embracing everything including the shadow aspects of your consciousness, past lives and unresolved karma and purifying yourself in the Divine flames of illumination. I can facilitate this journey for you.


Sessions can be:

Healing (and self-healing)


Spiritual guidance

Counselling & or coaching


(and are usually a combination of these).


Temple Fire Tantra sessions are for men and women who want to:

  • Experience more happiness, peace, calmness and joy.
  • Increase immunity, life force energy and sense of wellbeing
  • Overcome stress, anxiety and trauma
  • Have a continuous personal connection to the Divine
  • Heal physical, psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual pain.
  • Increase self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence.
  • Find your soul purpose and right livelihood.
  • Clear old unhelpful patterns and conditioning causing suffering and stopping you realising your full potential.
  • Unlock your intuition and become your own leader.
  • Heal sexual problems (with ejaculation, erectile dysfunction).
  • Experience healthy, pain and symptom free menstruation and menopause.
  • Overcome addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, food, sex, unhealthy relationships, suffering.
  • Achieve spiritual illumination, transformation, awakening and enlightenment.
  • And much more…


All sessions happen online using phone, email and video conferencing from the comfort of your home. So there are no restrictions during these times of Covid-19.


For more information please see my website: www.templefiretantra.co.uk


Email: cliona@divinefeminineawakening.co.uk to schedule your free phone consultation.


(If you have worked with me before, please note my new way of working. I am not offering tantric massage).


I look forward to meeting you


Love & Namaste