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Chintan Aelgar opened up to a spirit at a very young age after a series of profound spiritual experiences. This led him on the path on meditation, which he has been practice for many years.

He has practicing Tantra since 1998 and has been a facilitator since 2006 essentially with Tantra-Essence with Mahasatvaa Sarita and the team, teaching internationally groups, retreat and trainings for singles and couples.

He is also a Laughter Yoga Teacher, masseur and experienced healer.

Chintan’s other passion has always been music especially percussion and also being a DJ.

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire runs the Centre of Love and Enlightenment, a vehicle to serve others on their path of growth where she teaches groups and offers healings and readings. She has been practising Tantra since 2001 and is trained in Soul Mate Training. Her path is to heal and empower others in a grounded and joyful way and bring spirit in the body.

Chintan and Ahlmeirah created Presence Tantra that brings together different tantric activities, such as:

  • The Seven Levels of Love and Relating: a series of trainings for couples who would like reconnect to their Sacred Sexuality and renew the relationship through Conscious Relating.
  • Sex to Rapture: a series of groups for singles who would like to explore the chakra system as a spiritual way in order to rediscover their essential nature.

The link between all these activities remains “Love is the bridge”.

Website: http://www.centreofloveandenlightenment.net/

Chintan Aelgar email: chintan.aelgar@gmail.com

Tel: 07835 899250

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire email: ahlmeirah9@centreofloveandenlightenment.net

Tel: 0870 165 1476