Tantric massage London

Cathryn’s sessions and workshops are  founded in a wealth of study and experience in Tantra and related supporting fields of personal development. You can see her full training Bio here http://www.tantra4tigers.com/my-training/

In her sessions and workshops, she intends not only offer catalytic experiences (the “wow” factor of a great energy experience or orgasm!) but assist each individual to a deep and lasting understanding of how they might create this as a reality in their own everyday life and relationships.

Cathryn has studied Bioenergetics, a western body orientated psychotherapy, which gives her tools to help you understand and unblock imprints from your past. These are stored in the body and often prevent you from accessing your sexual energy, and opening fully to intimacy. These tools are particularly useful when people are approaching Tantra as a therapeutic healing tool.

In her unique Awakening Eros programme, she draws upon contemporary conscious sexuality teachings, to guide individuals and couples into a deeper understanding of what it is to be truly intelligent in our intimate and erotic lives.

You can access her teachings through her London based sessions, or sign up to her mailing list to hear about forthcoming groups. The work of www.tantra4tigers.com is founded in a framework of practical teaching, guidance, healing and therapeutic method, designed to consciously awaken ecstatic awareness.

Her sessions for men, women, individuals, couples and small groups include:

To contact Cathryn –

Email: info@tantra4tigers.com

Call or text me on 0779 267 3021, please leave a message if you would like her to call back!

“You have definitely improved radically my issues with erection and ejaculation. However, although I think this is important, even more important you have/are changing my whole thinking on sex and indeed to some extent life.”

Alex D, Non executive company director.

 [recently] I went on holiday with my Wife and family, during the two weeks away I was able to address many issues with my Partner, and now have been able to restore our relationship to include a healthy sex life. This of course, has greatly changed my outlook on day to day life…. I do feel the time spent during your sessions this year was very useful and beneficial for me as a person.

Julian, Aerospace Engineer

I came to you a year ago holding onto years of intense emotions, too powerful to release, acknowledge, heal or celebrate. And little by little we employed all senses to weave a beautifully warm and calm space, where eventually I could coax these emotions out and find wondrous new ways to express them. Our sessions have energised my feminine potency subdued a little too much by having to ‘wear the trousers’ in most of my main roles in life. Engaging my, now better grounded, femininity into life’s everyday adventures brings me joy and inspiration (and plenty of mischief!).

Our sessions have helped me remember the exquisite and sacred experience of intimacy, clothed or nude, and feel the power (and not vulnerability) of emotional and physical surrender. At the same time, I am learning to communicate freely and unambiguously about intimate desires – to ask and to listen as well as to voice my own. No more performance anxiety or frustration – how liberating! Thank you, for holding me, guiding me and nurturing my energy to blossom into a more potent ‘me’. Thank you, for the suspense and laughter we share and the gentle imaginative ways in which you work with me.

Mary, Mother of two and Financial Services professional