Sacred Sexual Healing

Mike has trained in tantra with several of the leading UK tantra schools. As well as having a neo-tantra training he also has a strongMike Lousada therapist London devotional spiritual tantric practice.

In addition to Mike’s extensive tantra & Taoist trainings in the UK and abroad, he has also studied for three years to qualify as a Psychosynthesis counselor.

His work is about empowering women to reclaim the innocence of their sexuality and to support them in integrating sexuality healthily into their lives. Sessions may combine talk work and bodywork to ensure a deeper integration of different aspects of a client’s self.

Having worked actively with men’s groups, largely with the Mankind Project for many years, he is strongly connected to his masculine core and drawing on all his experience, is able to offer a powerful safe container for women in which to experience sexual healing and the reclaiming of their power. All his work comes from a place of devotion to the goddess and in honouring the divine feminine in each woman.

Mike has received a lot of positive media attention for his work with female clients, most notably an article in The Sunday Times by acclaimed feminist writer, Naomi Wolf.

For more information about his work, visit his websites or call +44 (0)7739 260 600 or email