Elena Angel is a Tantric practitioner, teacher and coach, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®.

Elena Angel maintains a thriving practice in London and has attracted widespread media attention: she has been featured in The Sunday Times, GQ, Natural Health, Easy Living, Yoga Magazine and numerous other publications.

Elena’s bespoke sessions and immersive training programs uniquely combine Tantric and Taoist practices with a wide array of therapeutic modalities and spiritual technology for healing and transformation, expanding potential and enhancing relationships.

More specifically, Elena’s signature coaching combines:Tantric Massage London

• Tantric and Taoist teachings
• Meditation and Mindfulness
• The Millennium Method
• Quantum Energetics
• NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
• Hypnosis
• Sound and brainwave technology
• Breathwork
• Time Line Therapy™
• Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
• Shamanism
• Spiritual and intuitive counselling.

Elena often speaks and writes on Tantra, intimacy and relationship and spiritual principles for success. She runs evening events and longer workshops and retreats, including the popular Soul Mate series and a dedicated Women’s circle in London. Her next residential retreat is in Spain in June 2016.
In addition to her London practice, Elena Angel offers remote coaching sessions and online webinars, whilst a range of online resources is available to download from her website, ElenaAngel.com.


“In just one 90-minute Skype session, Elena helped me understand my own limiting patterns and to know how to step into my own innate power—which I’d been hiding from. I’m now ready to come from a different, a fuller part of me and ready to reclaim my sexual vitality!’ — Alan, business consultant

“Wow, how exciting! I didn’t expect to feel such an instant change in my mood and pick up so many useful tools I could put to immediate practice in everyday life. I feel really blessed and enlightened after yesterday. I say that knowing I have never written such a peculiar sentence before.” – Andy Jones, Sunday Times journalist
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