Cathryn tantric massage

Welcome – I look forward to guiding you on your tantric journey!

You may be seeking to heal insecurities in relating and intimacy, deepen your ecstatic potential, or perhaps you would like a tailored programme of learning. Whatever your motivation, I offer unique experiential guidance on the path of tantra. Sessions for men, women and couples in North London therapy space.

“what you do is playful, erotic and delicious but it is also a wonderful method of teaching or more like educating: bringing forth something from within the person you are working with”

The work of is founded in a framework of practical teaching, guidance, healing and therapeutic method, designed to consciously awaken ecstatic awareness. Tantra is the dance between energy and consciousness. In order to become ecstatic beings, we have to be willing to evolve consciousness. The more we evolve consciousness, the more deeply embodied, free and alive will be our pleasure.

“I am a little lost for words with regard to the impact the massage has had on me. Your skill and love in how you introduced me to such pleasure is beyond classification and I am so glad that I was guided to you as my tantric mentor… “

Teachings are woven together from many years study and practice in a range of personal development fields. Full bio on my website, where you will also find many original and articulate articles, to help you on your journey e.g.:

Tantra: an ecosexual revolution

Living Tantra as a practice:

Tantra: a shamanic practice

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Call or text me on 0779 267 3021, please leave a message if you would like me to call you back! Sorry, no withheld numbers.

* Free permits included in session bookings of 3 hours or more

“Wednesday’s session was a big hurdle passed for me whereby I was able to totally bare not only my body but also a part of my soul. Thank you for letting me verbally, emotionally and physically begin to acknowledge the reservoir of unresolved pain and grief stored in my chest and belly, for drawing some of this hurt out from me and for nurturing and comforting me during the session. The touch therapy and embracing you gave my bruised body was warmly appreciated, and a couple of days after I’m feeling the tingles of the energy reverberating in my sacral center and dancing into my arms and legs.”

Steve, Commercial Manager, Building Services