Stella Anna Sonnenbaum MPH is an experienced Certified Sexological Bodyworker with a background in Mindfulness, Tantra, Shiatsu and !cid_EC53B814-D6BB-45B0-AFB5-77CCC0AC7AADReiki.

She is passionate to empower healthy, happy relationships with your body, your sexuality, and your partners.
Her invitation to you is to help address and overcome issues in the areas of sexuality and embodiment.
She is dedicated to be fully present to you and your needs, and accompany you with her professional expertise on your journey to fuller aliveness, and to help you thrive.
She welcomes women, men and couples, as well as people of any gender or sexual orientation, in her practice in Leyton, East London, .
Contact her if you would like to
have stronger and full-body orgasms
orgasm for the first time ever
open up to more pleasure in your life
heal trauma in the area of sexuality
soften scar tissue after birth or surgery
learn how to be multi-orgasmic/have dry orgasms (men)
overcome shame issues
tackle porn addiction
learn how to touch your partner intimately
be a better lover for your partner
medibate’ when you masturbate
discover anal and prostate pleasures
overcome premature or delayed ejaculation
overcome erectile dysfunction
accept sexual fantasies and come to terms with fetish sexuality
become fully alive sexually
Please write an initial e-mail, to arrange a free phone consultation, to