Hello and Welcome. I am a trained Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Sex Educator with a background in Conscious Kink and Tantra


My passion is working with people to support them to discover and use techniques that explore their bodies, expand their capacity for pleasure, improve their sex lives and heal any sexual wounds. This modality can help anyone to improve connection with themselves and address areas that they are unhappy with or prevent them from enjoying their sex life to the fullest.  From a place of curiosity and generosity and using skilled bodywork techniques, Sexological Bodywork can bring understanding, acceptance, change and fulfilment.

sexological bodywork

I work with men, women, couples and people of any gender expression, sexual orientation or relationship pattern/status. Do some of these areas resonate for you?



  • Address porn use/addiction
  • Explore Orgasmic Yoga
  • Explore self-pleasure as tool for erotic expansion and increased self-love
  • Experience more pleasure in your life
  • Deal with lack of confidence and shame
  • Explore vaginismus and pelvic tension
  • Discover anal pleasure including prostate massage
  • Overcome delayed or premature ejaculation
  • Work with erectile dysfunction
  • Explore your body and discover new areas of pleasure
  • Become more alive in your body and sexuality
  • Soften scar tissue for improved movement and sensation
  • Gain confidence around sexual relationships and become ‘partner ready’
  • Understand and explore consent, boundaries and the joy of ‘sex talk’ communication


I offer a warm, safe and non-judgemental space within my home in Leeds, West Yorkshire. And it is from this place that I offer opportunities for you to discover the empowerment and transformation that can come from working in this structured and specialised modality.


I offer a free 20-minute telephone call to discuss areas around your sexuality that you would like to explore and to see if we are a good match for working together. See my website or contact me for more details.



Etiquette and Boundaries

Genuine enquiries only please

I an unable to negotiate prices or offer shorter sessions

Booking an appointment requires an upfront deposit

All services are focussed entirely on you and are therefore one-way touch only

I wear clothes throughout the session and wear non-latex gloves for intimate touch






07811 012664