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How would it be for you to enjoy a fulfilling, erotic life? Feeling empowered in your own body, in your desires? Confident in knowing what you want and how to safely and consensually have your needs met?  For example, do you want to…


  • Feel more connection with your body and your own desires
  • Address premature ejaculation and have more choice of when to cum
  • Address erectile dysfunction
  • Change how you give and receive pleasure in intimacy
  • Get more out of masturbation and self-pleasure with masturbation coaching
  • Explore anal pleasure
  • Regain your confidence around relationships and become ‘partner ready’
  • Use less pornography or deal with porn addiction
  • Learn more about your own body and how to access greater pleasure
  • Get over the feeling of the ‘same old, same old’
  • Take charge of your own life and your own pleasure


I am trained and experienced in Tantra, Sexological Bodywork, Coaching, NLP, Counselling and Consent and I work exclusively with men. My passion is to support you to discover and use techniques that explore your own body, expand your capacity for pleasure, improve your sex life and heal sexual wounds. Discover with me what your body truly desires and develop the confidence and communication skills to navigate ways to meet your needs with safety, integrity and pleasure.

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The Men’s programme: online and in person: This programme supports men facing sexual challenges in intimacy. The programme is a therapeutic sex coaching model which focuses on finding what it is you want to reach for and supporting you to move towards this using the wisdom of your body as the guide. This programme aims to empower you to address challenges around sex, intimacy, desire and relating. From a place of curiosity and generosity and using skilled bodywork techniques, this programme can bring understanding, acceptance, change and sexual fulfilment. Informed by the latest in leading edge practice in the Wheel of Consent, Sexological Bodywork, surrogacy and Tantra, this programme is flexible to meet the needs of each and every client.  (more)


The Art of Mindful Masturbation: Online and in person:  There are more fulfilling ways to enjoy your body, your arousal and your desire! The Art of Mindful Masturbation will help you to up your game from basic, plain masturbation to erotic and joyful self-pleasure! So if you want more from your masturbation and discover better self-pleasure techniques and to experience greater pleasure in your body: Or if you have worries about overusing pornography, feel you may have a porn addiction and you want to get off the treadmill of ‘watch, wank, cum, repeat’, then this online masturbation coaching is for you. (more)

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In addition to the above, I offer  Tantric Massage: purely for pleasure and connection (more), Tantric Connections: support to take sex, intimacy and connection to the next level (more) and online coaching with The Inspire Programme (more)


Whether working online or face to face you will discover in working with me, a warm and non-judgemental place with opportunities for you to discover the empowerment and transformation that can come from working with these structured and specialised modalities.

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Free Discovery Call:

I offer a free 20-minute telephone call to discuss areas that you would like to explore and to see if we are a good match for working together,  book your free discovery call


My ethos and practice:

My values are non-judgment, compassion, integrity, honesty, professionalism, consent, respect, curiosity, generosity, openness, trust, boundaries, fun, sensuality and pleasure.

I offer a warm and non-judgment place where you can relax, find a place of safety and to explore without any expectation or need to perform. Creative Sexuality is a place for you to invest in yourself.



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