Dawn, Embodied Sex Coach/ Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Devon.


Embodied sex coaching sessions provide people with the rare opportunity to explore and understand themselves sexually. I work with peoplesexological bodywork who are experiencing problems, that are impacting on their sexual health and well-being, and placing limits on their pleasure. My approach allows my clients to experience things first hand, empowering them to make positive changes directly with their body, I work closely with my clients, offering hands-on coaching experiences, involving conscious breath, movement, sound, and touch. I am committed to creating an intimate environment for my clients personal grown and transformation, a space that is safe, non-judgemental, playful, open and accepting, a place where a person can learn how to fully enjoy their body, and expand their capacity for experiencing pleasure.


Sexological Bodywork/Embodied Sex Coaching is a wonderful way to address all kinds of sexual related issues, to include:


  • Enhanced sensations
  • Feeling more connected to the present…
  • Orgasm more readily, or with more ease.
  • Experience orgasm for the first time ever.
  • Help with erectile difficulties.
  • Overcoming early or delayed climax.
  • Support with anxiety
  • Improving Scar tissue following surgery or childbirth.
  • Enhancing self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Help to understand and to express what you want.
  • Improving erotic knowledge, such as an understanding of genital anatomy.
  • Changing habits, and patterns that are limiting your pleasure.
  • Support with pornography addiction.
  • Understanding unhelpful sexual fantasies.
  • Curiosities to explore profound ecstatic and erotic states, such as full body orgasm…
  • Couples wanting help to navigate sexual differences, and to explore new erotic possibilities.
  • Helping people to understand and accept their sexuality or gender fluidity.


I work happily with anyone that needs my support. For more information, or to book your confidential coaching session, please contact me, by emailing Dawn at sensoryawareness@yahoo.co.uk or by visiting my website – <http://www.sensualsomatics.com