Dawn, Sex life Coach/ Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Devon.


sexological bodyworker Devon

My gentle, intimate approach offers the rare opportunity to explore and understand yourself sexually. I am here to support you with anything that is affecting your sexual health and well-being and placing limits on your pleasure. Relaxing massage and hands-on coaching experiences combine to create a fun, effective approach, where you are able to experience things first hand, and make positive changes directly with your body.

I am committed to creating an intimate environment for your personal growth and transformation. A space that is safe, non-judgemental, playful, open and accepting. A place that will allow you to fully enjoy your body, and expand your capacity for experiencing sexual pleasure, and joy.


I can help with a wide range of issues, to include

    • Porn addiction
    • Lack of desire
    • Gender identity
    • Sexual Anxiety
    • Communication
    • Boundary setting
    • Erotic knowledge
    • Pelvic pain, Scars
    • Orgasm problems
    • Sexual confidence
    • Erection problems
    • Sexual preferences
    • Sex after childbirth
    • Menopausal changes
    • Unwanted fantasy, fetish
    • Early, delayed ejaculation

I work happily with anyone that needs my support. For more information, or to book your confidential coaching session, please contact me, by emailing Dawn at sensual.somatics@yahoo.com or by visiting my website – www.dawnupton.com