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Psychosexual Somatics ® Therapy (PST) is an established knowledge-based method for resolving sex and intimacy issues. PST draws resources from psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma therapy, osteopathy, myofascial release, energy psychology, and clinical sexology.



A warm welcome

I am Barbora,

(DiS. social science, Certified Psychosexual Somatic therapist)


After having worked as a Social Worker, I discovered that being felt is more important than being taught through words only, in fact a large part of learning and self-realisation can be achieved through touch itself. After this realisation, I went through a journey of sexual awakening. With initial interests leading me to study Sexology and Bodyworks, I eventually decided to focus my studies on Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST).  Working fully with Conscious Sexuality and Tantra for over 7 years now, somewhere along the lines I awakened myself and have had the pleasure of awakening others.


I now work with women and men who seek help in their sexual, intimate lives. Sessions take place fully clothed, based in Southwark London, in Elephant and Castle Underground and Overground stations.  During the sessions there is no direct genital touching involved but a strong reliance of deep hands on Bodywork and different therapeutic techniques.


Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST) works toward sensations in the body, meeting blocks and overcoming those obstacles that don’t allow you to fully feel yourself, thus allowing you to experience pleasure and appreciate sexual energy to a greater extent.

Our bodies act as a storage facility, storing all the traumatic experiences, which we hold deep inside of the body as tension, pain or numbness. These blocks need to be gently released and integrated before we can begin to allow more positive experiences of one’s self and their body.

There is an innate longing in each of us for deeper intimacy that often holds ourselves back from experiencing it. My intention is to support you in getting to know and feel yourself more deeply, experiencing this intimacy. When you begin to connect with yourself at this deeper level, blocks to intimacy dissolve and you can begin to access your greater potential in life.

I believe that this power is within each and every one of us and we can work to bring back power into your life, giving us space again to feel joy and pleasure. PST gives you a deeper understand of yourself, developing an understanding of your own personal needs and boundaries and allowing you to embody your power, own your emotions and have more fulfilling happy life.


 “The foundation of PST is to empower client through increased awareness of the body-mind connection. It is through this awareness that positive change occurs.”

Mike Lousada, therapist founder of PST, my teacherª

sexological bodyworker London



Which specific areas will my PST sessions support you in?

Intra-personal– enhancing sense of self, self-confidence, libido, body confidence, creativity, personal empowerment and connection with your body. Resolving sexual, physical and emotional abuse issues.

Inter-personal – allowing intimacy; have nourishing relationships and greater communications skills

Social – clearer boundaries, increased productivity in the workplace, loss of shame around sexual identity and appropriate self-expression in your sexual life

Physiological – resolving pelvic pain, early ejaculations issues, erectile problems, post-partum or post-operative trauma Decreased PTSD or trauma- related symptoms. Allowing enhanced pleasure, sexual satisfaction and orgasmic ability.

Spiritual – a deeper connection with whom you truly are, helping you get in touch with your potential and your true purpose in life.


For more information, questions or for booking please contact me on mobile 07704903787 or my email


I am currently offering a reduced price of £60 per hour until June 2018.


I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the limited information on this website, my website is currently under construction and will be updated soon. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, as mentioned above, should you have any queries.





More information about the Psychosexual Somatic Therapy session themselves-


The first session is always an intake session, lasting only one and a half hours. During this session, we focus on and develop an insight into limiting patterns of your behaviours in your sexual intimacy life history and how these limiting patterns affect your present situation. We also establish your positive outcome of your therapeutic process, based on your chosen sexual, intimacy issue we will work on in the coming PST sessions.

Examples of issues may be:

  • Dealing with sexual dysfunctions (loss of desire, vaginismus, difficulty reaching orgasm, early ejaculation, delayed or absent ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido… )
  • Pain during sex
  • Healing sexual shame, anxiety in intimacy
  • Re-awakening your sensuality in body
  • Re-connecting and Balancing with your feminine/masculine power

An important aspect of my role as a Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist is to ensure that you feel completely safe during of our sessions. So much research points towards the importance of atmospheres or environments in learning and counselling based spaces and that is no different here. It is of paramount importance that your boundaries are respected at all times, you feel secure and comfortable. I manage to create these spaces well, with a supportive and non-disruptive personalised loving environment, which enables the healing to occur.

Once we have achieved a strong foundation to work from, the following therapeutic sessions last between 2 and 3 hours. And it can take from 3 – 10 session to work with your chosen outcome.

Of course, this is a very personal journey and tailoring the sessions to specific individual needs is what I specialise in. As a result, working with each client varies enormously and there is no typical session. However, to offer more of an idea as to what following sessions may involve, common elements that we work with, for example, may include:

  • Psychotherapeutic techniques
    • Breathing and movement exercises
  • Deep tissue bodywork and myofascial release
  • Gentle, compassionate holding
  • Full body bodywork

or to make a booking, please contact me at

07704 903 787