I am Barbora

(DiS. social science, Certified Psychosexual Somatics therapist)      https://barbora-psychosexualtherapy.co.uk


In my therapeutic space I work with women, men and couples who seek help to explore their sexual life or resolve intimacy issues, bad sexual experience and Tantra feels too scary and overwhelming for them.

For all who want to learn more about themselves and sexual life and get empowered, I offer Somatics counseling as trained Psychosexual Somatics Therapist.sexual somatic therapist London

PST sessions take place in London Southwark (6mins to go from  Elephant and Castle tube station) if you are interested please read my website https://barbora-psychosexualtherapy.co.uk


My intention as Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist is to support you in getting to know and feel yourself more deeply, experiencing awareness towards your behavior patterns and your body sensations. Guide you acknowledge and engage with the challenges you are experiencing, your individual strengths and help you to find a way forward.


During your sessions your learn skill and tools so you can better understand your body signals and reactions. And that helps you to feel and own your power and make better decisions in your life by knowing yourself better.


During the sessions to be clear, I am not touching your genitals and we are dressed, and still there is involved a strong reliance of supporting touch through hands-on Somatics work with different therapeutic techniques.


I have an offer until July 1 hour (60 mins)  is £60 and session is individual from 1 up til 3 hours


Please be aware of, it is therapeutic work and therapy is a process and it involves your time, energy and money. And I am here to help you to understand, feel and connect within yourself, invite you to your exploration and understanding.


For whom is PST?

everybody who wants to actively look at their behavior and situation from different perspectives and explore safely their body responses, triggers, issues….often recognize yourself


  • I feel I would like help with understanding my sexual identity
  • I feel disconnected, numb, or oversensitive in my body
  • I want to feel more feminine/masculine/ self-confident
  • I struggle with low self-esteem
  • I have difficulties to feel pleasure during sex
  • Sex is painful and awful for me but I seek help to change it
  • I feel nervous, shame or anxiety in my life especially in intimacy
  • I have experienced any kind of trauma, abuse, rape or blocks that stop me to feel safe and comfortable in my life, especially in my relationships and sexual life


If you want to understand and bring the awareness to your unconscious messages of your body, get help to release tension and emotions you holding and learn how to integrate your power, to feel more joy and pleasure in your life. All that is connected to sexual and intimacy life, because how you show up in sex reflects how you show up in life.



If you want more information please read my web




or if you have questions or want to book a session please contact me on email:   barbora.pst@gmail.com


or call me +44 7704 903 787


sincerely Barbora