I’m Sam, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker based in Glastonbury, Somerset and online via Skype. I work in a safe and client centered way, sexological bodyworkfocusing on your consent, boundaries and empowerment. I bring many years of therapeutic experience as an acupuncturist and breath worker to hold a non-judgemental and transformational space.

Sexological Bodywork is a transformational process incorporating somatic education, coaching and bodywork. I work in a safe way to using the latest understanding of the nervous system and biology to empower you to fulfill your sexual potential.

I use and teach a variety of techniques depending on what your focus is for having sessions. These may include: embodiment practices, breath work, movement, structures around boundaries and consent, talking and communication skills, witnessing, bodywork, genital bodywork, anal bodywork, orgasmic yoga (self-pleasure practice), nervous system regulation, scar tissue remediation and the setting of learning to do at home.

Sessions can be focused on learning to experience new areas of pleasure or to work with an issue. I work with all genders and sexual orientations in a non-judgemental way. Sessions are based in a beautiful location on the edge of Glastonbury Tor, Somerset. And can be perfect to receive sessions on a breakaway. I also offer online sessions via Skype.

I work with clear boundaries which are;

  • Touch is one way, practitioner to client.
  • The practitioner is clothed at all times.
  • Genital based touch is with non latex gloves.
  • Glycerine and Paraben free water based lubricant or coconut oil is used.
  • Clients consent and boundaries are engaged at every stage of the process.
  • Touch does not full fill the need for sexual intimacy or habitual sexual patterns.


Please go to my website for more information, contact details and to book a free phone consultation.