Elena Angel

An early and strong connection with spirit and her own sexual energy, caused a young Elena much questioning and soul searching — and so Elena Angel found herself already a passionate spiritual explorer in her teens, entering an esoteric school at 21.  Constantly looking for deeper understanding and pragmatic solutions to life’s challenges, Elena sought to learn all that she could about the mind, body and soul, training widely in diverse modalities and developing her psychic and energetic gifts — all whilst pursuing a successful international career in music.

Extensive travels enabled Elena to study with spiritual teachers, therapists, healers, meditators and shamans from all over the world, until she came to Tantra and Taoism through a series of magical encounters and mystical experiences in lovemaking.  This last discovery was a real “coming home” for her, and prompted more study and exploration with various Tantra teachers and schools.  It wasn’t long before she heeded the calling to serve as a sexual healer and to teach, privately and in groups.

Elena Angel is currently maintaining a thriving private practice and has attracted widespread media attention: she has been featured in The Sunday Times, GQ, Natural Health, Easy Living, Psychologies, Yoga Magazine and numerous other publications.

Elena’s teaching and coaching is informed by her extensive, life-long, continuous training in ancient and modern schools of knowledge, but is crucially founded in deep mysticism and Elena’s commitment to evolution: to personal growth and the embodiment of our full potential as Divine Humans.

Elena is able to relate to people of diverse backgrounds, treating every man and woman uniquely and making Tantric principles and practices relevant, accessible and effective for each one.  She enables individuals and couples to embrace and benefit from new, uplifting and transformational perspectives and to experience a Tantric sensibility in daily life and in relationship — all contributing to newfound empowerment and fulfilment.

One of Elena’s most heartfelt passions is for Soul Mate Connections: these have been pivotal in her own journey of awakening and she delights in helping others to make new, deep, soulful and life-changing encounters and to bring a deeper level of connection to existing relationships.  Elena has been writing more extensively on this topic in recent months and she launched a Soul Mate Connections series of events and a Bespoke Soul Mate Coaching programme to much popular acclaim.

Besides this series, Elena Angel runs workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe, presents and writes on sacred sexuality, intimacy and relationship, soul mates, energetics, transformation and manifestation; she also offers webinars and holds ceremonies and a dedicated Women’s Circle.

Contact Elena Angel for:

Private sessions, face-to-face and remote  (via phone or Skype)
Complete online training programmes
Evening events, Day-long and Weekend Workshops, Residential Retreats
If you’d like to:

attract a partner that’s perfect for you — a Soul Mate
overcome sexual / confidence issues and anything else that is holding you back from enjoying intimacy and relationship
revitalise, deepen and enrich your relationship
learn about Tantric and Taoist practices that you can use for personal mastery, especially in the area of intimacy and relationship
enhance your health and well-being, your career, finances, home and family life, your creativity and spiritual growth through powerful transformational practices.


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“Elena, I am grateful for an inspirational evening about being human, being yourself and being honest with your soul. The exercises that we did this evening are very special and allowed us to be open in a very true way. I have learnt a lot about myself in three hours and even more about the beauty and passion each soul has. Thank you!“

— T. Henderson

“Elena led this beautifully, sensitively, clearly, superbly… She is a lovely, able group leader, who knows how to create and hold a safe space for people.”

— Moss Ladbrooke, teacher & coach

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“I am still basking in the feeling from the intensive.  It’s like having a whole new sensory system.  People are reacting differently to me because I am so much more present.

When I think back to the experiences we reran it still evokes a level of feeling and emotion that I have just not been feeling — it’s so fantastic — and my choices are clearer than ever.

I don’t have the words to convey my feelings about the magic you have worked with me.”

— John, business executive

“My evening with you was really phenomenal in the true sense of the word…

You enabled me to revisit parts of myself that I have buried for about a decade. That you could do that in one amazing evening is nothing short of a miracle.

From the ease of conversation with you and the gorgeousness of everything else that followed, you brought out of me things that I know are here, but which I keep under wraps most of the time.  I hope you found the time even a fraction as rewarding as I did…

I’m struggling to understand why people don’t see you as often as they can for the rest of their days!”

— David, Charity Director

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