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I am passionate about supporting and educating people about sex and their bodies. As a fully trained practitioner I work under the code of conduct of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.


We receive cultural teachings and messages from peers or media about how we look, feel and act. Sometimes we can get caught in thought about what we should be experiencing. Sometimes we feel like it’s ‘not enough’.


I would like to invite you to a beautiful new way of experiencing your body. Through planned somatic sessions we can work together to learn about your body, anatomy and discover what gives you pleasure and gain new confidence in asking for what you want. With practice you will have improved embodiment and a deeper more satisfying connection with your authentic erotic self.


Learn more about how your body works and what feels good…. deeper awareness leads to deeper pleasures.


“Once we know ourselves we become more articulate with what we want”


Sexological bodywork sessions will enable you to gain better knowledge and connection with your physical body, understand its erotic capabilities to deepen your intimacy and pleasure.


By exploring new possibilities our bodies are capable of rewiring, shifting old ingrained habits, thought patterns sensations and responses giving us an increased ability to feel pleasure and connection. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can benefit from somatic sexology.


Areas I have supported clients with include



I love to work with clients from all backgrounds regardless of sexuality, ability or gender.


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