Sarah rose bright

Sarah Rose Bright is an experienced tantric practitioner, qualified sex coach, and sex educator.  She supports you to overcome anything that keeps you from enjoying a happy and healthy sex life so that you can discover your erotic potential, celebrate your sexual self and have more pleasure than you ever imagined possible!Tantric massage Liverpool

Welcome!  You may be totally new to Tantra or you may have some experience and a desire to deepen your Tantric explorations.  You may have a sense that ‘there must be something more’ to your sexual pleasure but you don’t know what it is.  You may be looking for a different approach to overcoming your sexual concerns. You may have a desire to experience deeper intimacy and connection.  You may be looking for new experiences to expand your sexual horizons. You may be seeking more pleasure.

Tantra transforms how you give, receive and experience your sexual pleasure. Learning to let go of goals and to relax into your pleasure it can expand and it is endless! This is the total opposite of what the majority of us have learn’t.  Tantra also offers a way to help resolve or reduce sexual concerns in a pleasurable and natural way.

Sarah offers unique experiences, designed just for you. Sessions may include:

  • Learning simple yet powerful tantric practices to transform how you give, receive and experience your sexual pleasure such as Tantra, yoni, lingham and erogenous zones massage
  • How to generate, cultivate and maintain your sexual arousal including new solo sex practices and erotic trance states
  • Tantric sex education including understanding your sexual anatomy to enrich your confidence and your pleasure
  • Body awareness – learning to really listen to and act on the wisdom of your body
  • Learning to confidently communicate your sexual needs and desires
  • Breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques to expand and enhance your sexual pleasure
  • Creating Tantric ritual and sacred space

Sarah is a qualified sex coach and she draws on her extensive training in Tantra, sex education, Sexological Bodywork, shamanism, healing and many others. She has participated in many sexuality trainings with some of the worlds sexual pioneers and she loves sharing her knowledge and experiences.  In addition to working one to one with clients, she facilitates Tantra workshops with Shakti Tantra, who she has been training and growing with for ten years.  Sarah is comfortable with all aspects of sexuality, creating a sex positive space welcoming people of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship models.

Sarah offers bespoke programmes to support you to reach your goals in sex, pleasure, intimacy and life, in person or via Skype.  You can find out more here
Sarah has a practice on the Wirral, near Liverpool and in central Manchester. Sarah does not offer one off sessions or same day appointments. If you are travelling for the sessions, an intensive can be arranged.


“The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body. Always an orchestra, and just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to Ecstasy.” Anais Nin