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Interviews with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita,Patricia Martello and Aditi Devi Ma

Tantralink Interview with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Patricia Martello The Director of Vital Development Tantralink interview

Aditi Devi Tantralink Interview London 2013

‘Teachings on Kali in the Classical Tantric Traditions of India’

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Tantra Festival London from Tantrafestivals on Vimeo.





























This website is dedicated to promoting Authentic tantra practices and workshops, Tantra teachers and Tantra therapists. As Tantra is such a big subject and is mostly misunderstood it is important to Tantralink that the Subject of Tantra is projected in a conscious and informative way to the world wide web. There is an abundance of information on Tantra across the web but it must be understood that Tantra is a tool and a practice that requires an open heart and an open mind. Off course sex has to be included within this subject but at the heart of Tantra  is energy, the energy of Love.

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Therapeutic and Tantric massage in any form should be a healing of the body, mind and soul. If practiced with skill and awareness, Tantra massage can bring about transformation and healing for individuals and partners in relationships.This website is dedicated to promoting authentic Tantric massage therapists in London and the UK. The  therapist here are authentically trained by many of the tantra teachers listed here at Tantralink and have practiced or are practicing Tantra and meditation. Unlike many so called Tantric massage websites the therapists here are not charging an absolute fortune for their time, yes  the therapists listed here need to make a living but they know  that they can offer deep transformation with the skills they have studied for and invested in. If you are looking for genuine practitioners and healers around the United Kingdom and Europe take a look at  the therapist page where you will find not only practitioners in London but a growing list from around the UK and beyond.

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